5 Essential Elements of Spiritual Connection and Collaboration

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

In a modern workplace environment that values results over process, it is vital to maintain successful connection and collaboration among colleagues. In this webinar, the co-authors of The Miracle Chase will explain why we must recognize that a spiritual component coexists with our physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. The session will provide tools we need to bring the spiritual component in to the workplace and show how it will help us stay true to ourselves, rise above petty work place stresses, and focus on the big picture.

The presenters will share the insights they learned along their miracle journey in writing and interacting with others including:

• How to identify your personal goals, communicate your ideas, and work cooperatively
• The tools to help achieve successful collaboration including:
• Breaking Down Barriers that get in the way
• Setting the Course to broaden horizons
• Committing Whole-heartedly to reach goals
• Incorporating Generosity of Spirit in all interactions
• How the Ripple Effect of successful spiritual collaboration unfolds in all directions enhancing relationships in unexpected ways

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The authors of "The Miracle Chase, Three Women, Three Miracles and a Ten Year Journey of Discovery and Friendship," Joan Hill (P'10), Katie Mahon and Mary Beth Phillips have spent the last 3 years engaging and inspiring audiences around the country with their message of faith, friendship and survival at book events, a multitude of speaking venues (including the 3 largest Women’s Conferences in TX, PA, and MA) and on the radio and television. Hear more about their professional and personal journeys at www.themiraclechase.com….

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