Alignment Between the Non-Profit and Private Sector: New Trends and Best Practices for Leaders

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Online Webinar
Thursday, October 31, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

he last several decades have brought many interesting, new alignments between the public & private sector.  Increasingly, private companies are integrating broader, social ends into their strategic goals, thinking more creatively about how to create new markets by “doing good,” and even integrating practices from the non-profit sector such as more active stakeholder and board engagement.  Conversely, non-profit organizations are becoming savvier than ever with regard to bench-marking, thinking strategically about their mission, and learning how to value and cultivate human capital.  Adding to this trend is the rising number of legal structures and investment tools that actually merge social and business goals such as sustainability indices and benefit corporations.

In this webinar, Amy Gregg (EML’12) & Selena Shilad (EML’12) will provide context on some of the most interesting ways that the public and private sector are aligning.  They will also zero in on six of the best practices that are being leveraged between the two.  Staff and leaders of these organizations will be able to put into motion these concepts, which will enable them reach their constituents, customers, funders, staff, and share-holders in new ways.

Amy Gregg is a Senior Consultant with Langley Innovations where she implements successful fundraising initiatives for nonprofits. Prior to Langley, Amy worked for more than 15 years as a major gifts officer in the non-profit sector for Georgetown University, The Salvation Army, & the YMCA. During her major gifts career she has raised more than $10M and led her development teams to success.

Selena Shilad is the President & founder of Shilad Strategies, LLC, & a Managing Director at the Law Media Group.  She has helped to build strategic campaigns on behalf of many leading Fortune 100 companies, advises a number of nonprofit organizations, & currently manages a coalition of non-profit organizations & businesses in the aviation sector. She previously worked on a number of political campaigns.

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