Authentic Leadership: An Introduction

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

The self-aware leader is a more effective leader and manager. Most people think they know themselves well, but when asked a few simple questions about their personal style or their inner motivations, are stumped. The more you understand yourself and others, the easier it is to manage and motivate those around you. This webinar is an introduction to the 6 -week course offered this autumn by Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership and Coaching led by international bestselling author, Talane Miedaner (F'87, G'89). She will explain two cutting edge computerized assessments: The Highlands Ability Battery and The Workplace Motivators Report, which will help you not only understand who you are at the deepest level, what motivates you, what your leadership style is, and what your natural talents and abilities are. Talane will share the tips she uses while coaching senior executives to become more powerful leaders.

Audience: Alumni, Parents, Staff, Young Alumni

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