Authentic Leadership: Vision and Presence for Women

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Online webinar
Thursday, April 26, 2012, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Hear from faculty member and co-director of Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching program, Kate Ebner, as she addresses the top three development goals of senior women: voice, vision and executive presence. Kate will introduce the elements of signature leadership presence and provide tips on how to develop your own authentic signature presence and convey an inspiring and compelling leadership vision. Participants will learn about common mistakes that talented women make in the workplace that can affect career advancement, and how voice, vision and presence work together to make you distinctive. Kate will also share tips and resources for cultivating an authentic and effective presence. This is a webinar you don’t want to miss! A Q&A component will be included.

Founder of The Nebo Company, a leadership consultancy based in Washington, D.C., Kate teaches leaders how to use vision as a powerful and practical tool for manifesting the important changes they want to see. Kate works with senior executives and teams at Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, social entrepreneurs and government agencies who are leading significant change, helping them to thrive in their careers and find greater fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Her clients include leaders at Viacom, National Geographic Society, BBC, AARP, Insight Research Group and MITRE Corporation. Kate specializes not only in how to create, live and lead from vision, but also how to make it real through effective implementation. She gained more than two decades of firsthand experience in envisioning, leading and implementing major change while serving as a dean at Middlebury College and as senior vice president of an international strategy consulting firm. She hosts a weekly on-line radio show called “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life” on VoiceAmerica Business. As a faculty member and co-director of Georgetown's Leadership Coaching program, Kate authored of "Coaching for Leverage,” a chapter in On Becoming a Leadership Coach.

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