Best Practices for Successfully Launching a Business

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Online webinar
Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 12:30 – 1:30pm

A business lawyer with experience in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia takes participants through a checklist of issues to consider when planning to start a small business from developing the idea through budgeting and planning to finding and interfacing with a lawyer in an affordable and effective manner. Participants will leave the webinar with a checklist of items to consider when planning to open a small enterprise. Participants will also learn how to select staffing choices, view their financing, and plan acquisition of leasehold space and equipment as well as planning supply and distribution issues in the Internet-dominated world. A Q&A component will be included.

Richard Sternberg (L’83), Managing Principal/CEO at Metro Washington Law Consortium PLLC, has been practicing law in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia since September 1984, with extensive experience in general litigation and international law. Some of his accomplishments have included: acting as general counsel and chief negotiator for an American company that successfully created a domestic insurance industry in a post-communist African country; negotiating a secure enforceable insurance and reinsurance co-brokerage agreement in U.K. and U.S. worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually; developing a currency protocol to enable international company to move currency through restrictions in Namibia, South Africa, and Angola lawfully; negotiating development of a consulting project with the Angolan Minister of Finance to assist in the development of Angolan civic and legal culture; but most of Mr. Sternberg’s work through the years has grown out of forming and advising small businesses that grew into those kinds of businesses. His experience has included extensive litigation experience in federal district and appellate courts as well as state circuit and district courts in Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties, with trials conducted in Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland; extensive experience in federal and state courts in DC.

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