Boosting Our Inner Confidence

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Thursday, August 21, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Many people are held back from achieving their full potential in business due not to a lack of talent or ambition, but to a lack of confidence.  These people often do not realize their ability to take on more responsibility or their value to the companies they work for, which limits their potential for achievement and success.

There is no one “solution” to increase self-confidence, but there are certainly strategies and practices that will help. In this webinar, Leadership Coach John Keyser (C’59) will discuss how to gain inner confidence through changes in attitude, speech, and action. Gaining confidence is a process, but even the smallest of steps can do wonders to help us feel comfortable about ourselves both in business and in life.

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John Keyser (C’59) is a respected author, speaker, and leadership coach with more than 40 years of experience as a senior executive in the private and public sectors. He works with executives to maximize their leadership potential and create winning organizational cultures with high energy, true teamwork, and loyalty.

Keyser specializes in helping executives strive for continuous improvement. He also writes Ideas & Advice on each week, which provides tips for achieving business success.

John served on the Board of the Women's Sports Foundation, the guardian angel of Title IX invited by Billie Jean King), on the Advisory Board of the LPGA, personally started the women's golf team at Georgetown, and created and funded the Women's Athletic Foundation at Georgetown, which supports our 13 women's sports program.


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