Building, Negotiating, and Managing Partnerships

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Online webinar
Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

In any industry or sector, external partnerships are critical to the success and growth of an organization.  A strong partnership can offer a wide range of mutual benefits: co-development of products, new sales channels, access to new geographies or market segments, among others. And as the partnership flourishes and deepens, investment, a merger or or an acquisition also often become possible. 

But developing and effectively executing against a partnership with a totally independent organization (or sometimes even multiple organizations) can be fraught with challenges.  Differing organizational styles, strategic or operational objectives, financial positions, or even national cultural identities can take what seem to be straightforward cooperative efforts, and turn them on their heads.  Yet the opportunities for mutual gain greatly outweigh these potential challenges.

In this webinar, Kris Lichter (MBA'97) will spend time helping you understand what kinds of partnerships are possible between organizations, and explore key strategies, tactics and tips on how to successfully identify, build, negotiate and then manage these partnerships day-to-day.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools and background to develop valuable (lasting) external relationships with organizations that matter most to your mission.

Kris Lichter has an extensive background in developing and leading complex businesses, programs & partnerships. He is co-founder of DuMonde Ventures, a venture investment and business consultancy organization. He actively invests in early stage technology companies across a range of industries/sectors/geographies, while also providing strategic and operational guidance to Fortune 1000 organizations, governments and startups. 

Kris had a successful 13 year career at IBM, leading a range of the company's most leading-edge programs and teams. He was director of operations at Internet Capital Group, a director of Palm Computing's venture fund, and has worked at AOL and other innovative organizations.

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