Coaching Unplugged: Open Mic Event with Valia Glytsis

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, May 6, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Join Executive Leadership Coach, Valia Glytsis (C'02), as she answers all of your burning questions on your personal leadership storyline – from career advancement and building high-impact professional relationships to navigating "difficult" conversations and giving "difficult" feedback. Anything goes – it's your time to get vulnerable, ask what matters most, and receive guidance, thoughts, and a bit of "tough love" to help you get out of your own way.

A courageous question might look like:
– How do I know what I really want?
– Sometimes I feel like an impostor – how can I shut down that voice in my head?
– I'm a total perfectionist – how do I let go of control?
– When is it the "right" time to switch jobs, let alone careers?
– I'm always self-sabotaging myself – what will it take to break this pattern?
– I know I'm meant to do big things but I don't quite see the "how" yet – what do I do?
– How do I create my personal "brand"?
– I have amazing ideas but I get stuck with sustaining initiative and driving execution – help?!

Valia Glytsis is CEO & Founder of The Paradox of Leadership, a boutique leadership education firm based in New York City specializing in leadership development trainings / seminars, executive coaching, and transformational events. Recent client highlights include: McKInsey, HBO, Digitas, Edelman, Prudential, Soul Cycle. To learn more, visit:

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