Coaching Unplugged: Shift From Living Your Life to Leading Your Life

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Online webinar
Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Over 500 professionals joined the last leadership webinar about discovering and defining your personal leadership brand. The feedback was phenomenal – in this world where everything we know to be true is shaking at its foundation, we are all hungry for personal growth, change, and development. It’s time to come back to ourselves, rediscover our strengths, and recalibrate for what’s next.

As a continuation of that conversation, this webinar explores powerful coaching tools and techniques that have transformed people’s personal and professional worlds. Regardless of industry or scope, the type of development we’re talking about is human development. How to work, play, and live not only more effectively and balanced but also more powerfully and present. From the art of asking questions to developing concrete new thoughts patterns, this talk will offer participants “tough love”: how do we get in our own way, why do we get in our own way, and how do we change it – fundamentally and permanently. There is nothing more powerful than making the shift from living your life to leading your life: it changes everything. If you’re open to new possibilities and hungry for change in your life, your business, and beyond – join us!

Valia Glytsis ( (C’02, Columbia EMBA ‘07) is an executive coach and branding consultant specializing in leadership development. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Valia offers customized leadership training programs and keynote speaking on personal power, intuition in business, and leadership branding. In this low-touch, high-pace digital world, Valia values human-to-human connection, transparent communication, and personal touch above all else. For more information on discovering and defining your personal leadership brand or bringing leadership coaching into your organization, please contact Valia:

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