Commanding a Room: How to Execute an Effective Presentation

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Thursday, February 6, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Can you tell a story? Can you “sell” a story? Join February’s webinar, Commanding a Room – Giving Effective Presentations, to learn how to get your point across persuasively, leading an audience on the right emotional journey and driving the action you want them to take.

“It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.” The same material can sound completely different depending on how it’s said. In our February webinar, public speaking coach Bryan Rutberg (C'84) will share tips, tricks, and exercises for doing great each time you present. From five people in a boardroom to five thousand at a conference and from business to school or volunteer work, you will be more comfortable and build better connection with your audience when you prepare well and when you are intentional about using all the assets you have available.

Bryan will coach you on analyzing your audience and planning your engagement; give tips for small rooms, big rooms, and every time you speak; and will share a few stories from a career spent on-stage (delivering his own presentations and coaching execs).

Bryan Rutberg is a Partner and the Communications Practice lead at Seattle-based AG Consulting Partners, where he and his team help clients be clear and clever in their communications. Bryan’s personal work is preparing executives for public speaking, helping leaders get their messages heard. Clients include Fortune 500 execs planning major speeches and start-up founders preparing for sales pitches and fundraising meetings, always focusing on clear content and effective delivery. After beginning his career in sales and marketing at Hewlett-Packard and driving alliances at McKinsey & Company, Bryan joined Microsoft and facilitated thousands of executive-to-executive connections as Director of the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center, and managed Executive Communications for a Corporate VP before joining AG in 2011.

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