Creativity & Mindfulness: Innovating in Business and in Life

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Online Webinar
Thursday, July 25, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Why are creativity and innovation so crucial for our lives and the future of business? And how does mindfulness fit in? How do we balance plugging in and unplugging? In this webinar, we will look at the connection between mindfulness and creativity, and how to instill more of each into our careers and our lives.

Flynn Coleman (F'03) is an attorney, mindfulness and creativity consultant, yoga and meditation teacher, Huffington Post blogger, advisory board member, and a Georgetown varsity women’s soccer alum. She is also the founder of SAMYA Practice LLC, a social enterprise that designs innovative mindfulness and creativity seminars for organizations and empowers local and global communities through its OM for OM initiative.

In this interactive webinar, Flynn will discuss how to infuse creativity and innovation into your life and career, and why it’s essential to do so. We will explore why creativity and disruptive innovation are crucial for the future of business, which companies are getting it right, and how mindfulness is at the core of creativity. We will also talk about ways to spark more creativity in your life and work, and experiment with tools and practices for cultivating creative ideas, a dynamic career, a healthy life that you love, and how to balance it all with productivity and passion.

Whether you are looking for powerful new ideas on leadership, business, and disrupting the market, how to start a new career, design a new product or service, or how to invigorate and transform all aspects of your life, this webinar is for anyone looking to instill creativity, innovation, productivity, wellness, and inspiration into their careers and lives.

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