Creatoing a High Impact Virtual Team in the Modern Workplace

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Virtual Teams are the future. Organizations increasingly conduct business in a virtual workspace. Employees may be located in different countries, cities or venues in the same city. A virtual organization has different challenges than the traditional face-to-face workplace environment. Often, however, these challenges are not directly addressed and virtual teams do not operate at peak performance.

In this webinar, Adeline Horner Neubert (F'85), will lead you through the fundamentals of how to make every interaction of your virtual team a high impact virtual experience. Virtual team members need to understand what is required to operate efficiently and effectively in a virtual environment. Adeline will provide practical and clear strategies and tools for addressing these needs. She will discuss developing trust within virtual teams and establishing effective communication. In addition, Adeline will address how to recognize cultural differences, both national and corporate, and move toward having differences become team advantages.

Participants will explore how to maximizing each virtual experience and hence increase the performance of your team and achieve better and more sustainable results. Join Adeline in this webinar and come away with practical and insightful ways to immediately enhance your virtual team’s performance by making every virtual interaction a high impact virtual experience.

Adeline's background is in international finance and management, executive search, financial strategy, fundraising and board development. Using a flexible and results-oriented approach in her coaching, Adeline focuses on linking human capital with strategic business outcomes and guiding both individual leaders and teams to realize their potential. She is particularly skilled at balancing a people focus with a financial focus. Having lived and or worked in five countries she has particular strength in creating value in highly diverse, cross cultural environments and with organizations going through rapid change.

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