Executive Family How To’s: Proven Tools, Tips and Tactics that Make Life Work Better

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Online webinar
Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 12:30 – 1:30pm

What does it mean for a family when parents are promoted to positions of significant responsibility on the job? Join faculty member & co-director of Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching program, Kate Ebner, for an exploration of the implications of a successful career for a growing family. We will explore the basic needs of every family, common concerns of working executive parents and children, how to navigate competing commitments, and take a look at strategies and tactics that have helped other “executive families” stay on track with their goals as a family. Participants will gain perspective and information about the modern family and sharing of strategies and best practices. You will leave with a can-do attitude and materials and resources that help you keep up the momentum. A Q&A component will be included.

Founder of The Nebo Company, a leadership consultancy based in Washington, D.C., Kate teaches leaders how to use vision as a powerful & practical tool for manifesting the important changes they want to see. Kate works with senior executives & teams at Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, social entrepreneurs & government agencies who are leading significant change, helping them to thrive in their careers & find greater fulfillment & satisfaction in life. Her clients include leaders at Viacom, National Geographic Society, BBC, AARP, Insight Research Group & MITRE Corporation. Kate specializes not only in how to create, live & lead from vision, but also how to make it real through effective implementation. She gained more than two decades of firsthand experience in envisioning, leading & implementing major change while serving as a dean at Middlebury College & as senior VP of an international strategy consulting firm. She hosts a weekly on-line radio show called “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life” on VoiceAmerica Business. As a faculty member & co-director of Georgetown's Leadership Coaching program, Kate authored of "Coaching for Leverage,” a chapter in On Becoming a Leadership Coach.

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