Global Human Development: Updates on the Changing Landscape and Georgetown University’s Response

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Both the challenges and opportunities in promoting global human development are complex, diverse and themselves subject to rapid change. Those involved in development work a half century ago – primarily governments and international institutions – are now joined by non-governmental organizations, foundations and, increasingly private enterprises and social impact investors and entrepreneurs. Moreover, technology has been leading development as never before, and the impacts are only beginning to be visible.

These facts have profoundly affected the way Georgetown now looks at how to prepare its graduates. Young people interested in careers in development must not simply be passionate about justice and helping improve the human condition. They must be prepared to live lives of change and innovation – changes in what they do and how they do it. They will likely live in many different countries and cultures; they will face the challenge of understanding diverse problems and figuring out how to address them. They will have to use and adapt new technologies; they will almost certainly work in different types of organizations – in governments, non-governmental organizations, private enterprises, and in teams and networks of all of these. They will need the knowledge, the skills and the habits of mind of change-makers. Thus was the reasoning behind the creation of the Global Human Development Masters Program, which seeks to make students understand the challenges of development and provide them with the tools and experience to address those challenges as successful professionals.

In this webinar, Dr. Ann Van Dusen, Associate Professor and Director of the MA in Global Human Development, will explore these trends and describe how the new Global Human Development Program is trying to prepare students for “development jobs” with both traditional development agencies and the growing array of new actors and opportunities on the international scene.

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