Houston: America’s Largest & Fastest Growing Economic Hub

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Online webinar
Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Today’s unemployment rate among 20-35 year old is 9.6%; 3% above nation’s average. With this figure in mind, many traditional job markets (Northeast, West Coast) are no longer viable options as post-college career starting place. Factors include real estate, overall cost of living and changing economic dynamic (Wall St. regulations, etc).

Houston is America’s fastest growing economic hub and job market, but is virtually unnoticed by Georgetown graduates.  This webinar with Edward Safaryan (F'02) intends to shed some light on this great city, what it has to offer, and why it is currently the best place to move after college, start a career or business.

-City overview/Diversity


-Cost of living and other economic factors

-City economy: job market and hiring outlook 

Ed Safaryan spent the last 6 years living in Houston and working in the energy industry, while continuously expanding his knowledge on the subject. He worked in risk control functions for major physical commodity trading institutions, as well as manage projects in the energy logistics field as well as offshore oil production, wind power generation and refining. Ed received his MBA in Vanderbilt University, during which he had first exposure to the energy field. Prior to his MBA,  Ed worked in Goldman Sachs and Citi in risk control functions.

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