How to Be an Effective Mentor

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Online Webinar
Thursday, August 20, 2015, 12:30 – 1:15pm

Mentoring is a great way for Hoya Alumni to give back and feel connected to the Georgetown community. Unfortunately, the idea of being a mentor often conjures up images of deep subject matter expertise or of a huge time commitment, and there's not an exact playbook to follow.

Mentoring does not have to be time intensive nor does it require decades of experience, however. Students at all levels and in all programs are eager to learn more about how those who have gone before them figured it out, and you have that knowledge to share.

Join Rebecca Cassidy, Director of the Undergraduate Office of Professional Development, and Tom Raffa, Hoya mentor and CEO of Raffa P.C., and to learn how to mentor effectively. You’ll learn what your students are expecting of you and how you can personally grow from the experience. Though every mentor/mentee relationship is unique, Cassidy will address the habits that create an essential foundation for a flourishing mentor/mentee pairing.

We appreciate your support of the next generation of Hoyas!

The Presenters:
Rebecca Cassidy has more than 10 years experience coaching, training, and advising business students and mid-career professionals. In addition, she is a Global Career Development Facilitator. Cassidy currently is the Director of the Undergraduate Office of Professional Development which offers career advising, programming, and internship and job placement assistance for Georgetown McDonough's more than 1,300 students.

Tom Raffa (B'76) is a member of the Georgetown Alumni Admissions Program and has been a mentor at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business for more than 15 years.

Tom founded Raffa, P.C. over a quarter century ago to service the needs of the nonprofit community. Tom turned his vision into reality by building a company designed to improve the business of nonprofits and to focus on its corporate and civic responsibility. In June 2009, Tom was named Business CEO of the Year for Social Value Leadership by Greater DC Cares.

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Career Development – Regional: Leadership

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