How to Change the World with an Empty Email Inbox

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Where we spend our time is what we value, yet most of us end the week feeling both exhausted and asking, "What did I do this past week?" Weeks turn into months, months into years and we ask, "Why do I do what I do?" Rich Tafel is a leadership coach and policy strategists who works with hundred of world changing leaders tackling some of the globe's most pressing problems. The one biggest challenge each client raises is "How do I make the most out of my time?" By combining values with weekly planning and new technology tools, he is able to help his clients make real their plans of action each day, week and life. During this webinar Rich will walk us through simple and practical steps to planning your life in a meaningful way so you can live to your greatest purpose and potential.

Rich is the founder of Public Squared where he works with other world changing leaders to make real their vision of social justice. He has provided successful strategy to the most challenging issues of our day. An ordained minister who first worked at Harvard's chapel, he went on to work as Director of Adolescent Health in MA. In 1993, he opened the offices of Log Cabin Republicans in Washington DC bridging the gap between conservative Americans and the LGBT community. During that period he created 50 local chapters and engaged in the highest level issues of the LGBT and AIDS community. In 2002, he launched his own strategy company and worked on the AIDS relief program for Africa. In addition, he worked with USAID on programs in Brazil, Mexico and Jamaica. Based in Washington DC, he's worked with the nation's leading social entrepreneurs in the USA to gain funding and change policy. In addition, he's the Chief Strategy Officer of the Workplace Wellness Council of Mexico. This last year, he's provided the strategy for Michigan to launch the nation's first state-wide social entrepreneur program. He focuses his coaching practice on world changing leaders at their start up phase. He's currently working to develop a citizen's training program to transform American democracy. An author, this past year he won a prize for a spiritual fiction book proposal. He writes a blog for Stanford Social Innovation Review. He ends each day with an empty email box.

Audience: Alumni, Parents, Staff, Young Alumni

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