How to Fail Up: Reframing Failure to Success

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Online webinar
Thursday, August 30, 2012, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Many of us are paralyzed by fear of failure. We are afraid that we’ll take a risk, it will blow up, and we will be facing humiliation and loss, and we will eventually find ourselves living in a refrigerator box under the bridge. Dramatic? Yes, but this is how the “inner critic” of our mind works. But what if it were possible to “fail up?” What if each “failure” brought us more achievement, recognition and success? What if…because this is very doable, indeed, it’s one of the best ways to accelerate our growth an achievement. In this webinar, we look at “failure,” we reframe it’s value for us, and we learn how to not only recover from failure, but to maximize its “value” and use it as leverage for success.

David Kaiser (B’90), PhD, is an Executive and Relationship Coach who helps his clients to measurably improve their lives and careers from good to great to Extraordinary. This includes creating alignment with mission and values, increasing productivity, managing conflict properly, and overcoming counterproductive habits and obstacles.

David has been facilitating transformational growth since 2004, and has worked with over 250 leaders and professionals. His clients are dynamic entrepreneurs and consultants in the digital and software space. Although David holds a PhD from the University of Chicago, he is first and foremost a Hoya, having earned his BS in Finance and International Management at Georgetown University.

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