How to Feel Like a Parenting Pro in a Hectic World

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Online webinar
Tuesday, February 5, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

How do you create deep connections with your family and feed your own soul when there never seems to be enough time? Most working parents only have 2-3 hours a day during their week with their child. How can you create the deep connection you desire in these moments, and still have enough time for yourself?

Tune in for this webinar with kid whisperer, Heather Criswell, founder of WiseInside, and, Taryn Voget (B ’97), founder of the Everyday Genius Institute, to discover simply genius strategies for raising a happier family (and being happier too).

In this eye opening and totally refreshing talk, you will discover the five ingredients to bring to every family situation. You will discover unique ways to create a quality connection with your family (in a short amount of time) and reduce feelings of guilt.

Heather and Taryn will create the opportunity for you to question your assumptions and learn, step-by-step, proven techniques that will get you the results you desire. Taryn and Heather will describe how they have seen these strategies implemented by parents who strive to raise capable, self-reliant, truly happy kids in a stress-free environment.

This talk is based on the ground-breaking work in Heather and Taryn’s latest book, “How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too): simply genius parenting strategies that work.”

Heather Criswell is a kid whisperer who has spent 25 years working with over 30,000 children. She is a parent coach, a keynote speaker, and an author, sharing her unique approach and wisdom with families around the world.

Taryn Voget (GSB '97) is the cofounder of the Everyday Genius Institute. She is the author of six books on genius, a frequent keynote speaker, a consultant, a coach, and a thought leader on genius and human potential.

They both live in the San Francisco Bay area.

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