How to Get a Job Without Applying

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

In today’s job market, employers receive an average of 75 resumes per open position.  So, to land one of these coveted spots once it's available, you have approximately a 1 in 75 chance.  In this webinar, CEO of the Career Strategy Group Laura M. Labovich will explain why waiting for a position to become available is an unproductive and ineffective job search strategy.  Labovich will describe what strategies you can use instead to land a job faster and in a more productive manner!

By the end of th​is session​, you will understand:

·      How applying to online job postings can contribute to a long, frustrating job search

·      What to pair with your resume to enable you to ask for, and receive, higher quality leads from your network

·      How many companies you’ll need to target to get one job offer

·      What to do right now to transform your search from reactive to proactive!

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About the Presenter:
With job search management expertise as an award-winning career innovator and résumé writer, master networker, and Fortune 500 corporate insider with flagship firms such as The Walt Disney Company and America Online, Laura M. Labovich is often affectionately referred to in the media as “a job seeker’s best friend.”

CEO of The Career Strategy Group (, a boutique career management and outplacement firm headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Laura’s contagious enthusiasm and powerful methodology make the perfect recipe for getting job seekers unstuck in their job search. Equal parts kick-butt trainer and nurturing cheerleader, Laura empowers job seekers to develop proactive, targeted job search marketing plans that increase momentum and achieve breakthrough results. 

Laura is the co-author of the book 100 Conversations for Career Success: Learn to Network, Cold-Call and Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job (LearningExpress, 2012), a book about “what to say and how to say it” in your job search, a 2013 top career book selection by FORBES.

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