How to Lead From Any Position

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Online Webinar
Thursday, August 22, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

In a recent study done by Gallup, 100 million Americans with full time jobs were surveyed on their workplace satisfaction. An alarming discovery was made: 70% of those survey were either hate going to work or have mentally checked out of their jobs. The leading cause of discontent? Poor management.

Being a leader should be a goal for each of us. It helps us advance in our careers and it brings a sense of satisfaction and significance. Being a leader helps us a better person, and as the Gallup study shows, bring happieness to the lives of others.

In this webinar, Leadership Coach John Keyser (C'59) will explain how to identify leadership opportunities in our current roles, whether you are new in an organization, an up and comer, middle
management, or already senior executives. The conversation will focus on what the qualities and skills of a leaders are, and how you may use them to help the businesses and organizations you serve so they can flourish.

Keyser currently works with executives who recognize the need and have a passion for striving for continuous improvement, their own and their company's. He also writes Ideas & Advice on each week, intending for these papers to be helpful in achieving success in business. He helps executives become even better at what they do and in their leadership of others—becoming their best selves, and he also helps with teamwork development and creating and maintaining organizational cultures with positive, high energy, true teamwork and loyalty. 360-degree assessments are one of John's specialties. Keyser had a long career with high level leadership positions in the corporate and then not-for-profit fields in NY, Chicago and Washington. Keyser is a Georgetown liberal arts graduate and also a graduate of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program.

Audience: Alumni, Parents, Staff, Young Alumni

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