How Women May Advance Their Careers as Leaders Regi

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Online webinar
Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 12:30 – 1:30pm

If women make up over 50% of the management and professional workforce, why do women occupy only 3% of CEO positions? Join John Keyser (C’59), Business Leadership Coach and Consultant, with 40 years of business experience, as he shares his insights on how women can reach high level leadership positions, which they have earned and deserve. We’ll discuss the specific qualities and skills that women naturally possess, and how they can develop and utilize them to their full advantage in their careers. Keyser will also share the benefits to organizations of moving towards more equal ratios of men and women in leadership roles. This webinar will be adapted from a workshop Keyser facilitated in November 2011 for the National Association of Mothers’ Centers Annual Conference on Work and Life: Common Sense Leadership.

Keyser currently works with executives who recognize the need and have a passion for striving for continuous improvement, their own and their company’s. He also writes Ideas & Advice on each week, intending for these papers to be helpful in achieving success in business. He helps executives become even better at what they do and in their leadership of others—becoming their best selves, and he also helps with teamwork development and creating and maintaining organizational cultures with positive, high energy, true teamwork and loyalty. Keyser had a long career with high level leadership positions in the corporate and then not-for-profit fields in NY, Chicago and Washington. Keyser is a Georgetown liberal arts graduate and also a graduate of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program.

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