Improving the Art of Leadership: Climbing The Leader’s Pyramid

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Online webinar
Thursday, August 18, 2011, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Famed management guru Peter Drucker once observed that the greatest manager of all time was the man who built the first pyramid. How leaders allocate their valuable resources of time, energy, and focus has been a topic of discussion and debate since the pyramid manager of the ancient ages. Joseph Garcia (G’07), author of The Leader’s Pyramid: a Balanced and Consistent Approach to Leadership, contends that most tough decisions for a leader will involve three key factors: the mission, people, and our ego. Achieving the right balance is a difficult task but one made easier by Garcia’s concept of the Leader’s Pyramid. Garcia will provide participants with a tool that is easy to remember and that can be applied to most management situations. Garcia will also discuss the most important components of the Leader’s Pyramid and techniques that can be implemented immediately that will allow you to be a consistent and balanced leader. A Q&A component will follow.

Garcia (G’07) spent 28 years in the Air Force where he served as a squadron commander, spent a tour at the Pentagon, was deployed to the Middle East, & served in numerous overseas assignments including South Korea & Germany. While assigned to the Air Force Academy, he taught a Leadership course to upper-division cadets, in addition to being a Training Director & a Regional Director of Admissions. Garcia retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Garcia was the first & only Chief Financial Officer for FEMA’s Hurricane Katrina Gulf Coast Recovery operations in New Orleans, Louisiana. During his three year tenure, he dramatically improved FEMA’s resource management. His awards include the Department of Defense Comptroller of the Year, & recognition as the Federal Woman’s Program Male Boss of the Year.

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