Innovating From Within: Becoming an Effective Intrapreneur Inside Your Organization

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Intrapreneurship is sometimes viewed as the poor stepchild of entrepreneurship, but the two are not so different.  In fact, a very good argument can be made that intrapreneurship is often not only more challenging to accomplish effectively, it can also yield equally valuable world-changing results.  

For the many Hoyas, past and present, who may find themselves inside organizations larger than the smallest startups, being an intrapreneur can be a vital competitive advantage and a key success factor for themselves, their teams and those organizations.

This webinar, led by Intapreneur and co-founder of DuMonde Ventures Kris Lichter (MBA'97), will cover key aspects of what intrapreneurship is, its relationship to collaborative innovation within an organization, and how to become a more effective intrapreneur.  Topics include:

·What is an intrapreneur?
·Why is it important to be intrapreneurial?
·What advantages does intrapreneurship provide to the organization?
·What are some good examples of people or companies who demonstrate and/or promote intrapreneurship?
·Are all companies looking for innovation within the organization?  If not, how can that type of culture be fostered?
·If you have a good idea, what is the best way to communicate that to your superiors?
·Are there specific skills sets that a person needs to have to be intrapreneurial?
·What training/courses are recommended for people who want to improve their intrapreneurial skills?

Kris Lichter is a prinicpal at DuMonde Ventures, a venture investment and business consultancy organization. He actively invests in early stage technology companies across a range of industries, sectors and geographies, while also providing strategic and operational guidance to Fortune 1000 organizations, governments and startups.  Prior to DuMonde, Kris had a successful 13 year career at IBM, leading a range of the company's most leading-edge programs and teams.  He has an extensive background in developing & leading complex businesses, programs & partnerships.

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