Interview Like a Talk Show Host: Land the Job!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

You have finally reached the final frontier in your job search.  Background music, maestro: The job interview!  If it goes well, a potential job awaits.  How is it that some candidates “stand out” and create a unique connection with their potential employer?  Great candidates approach their interview no differently than famous talk show hosts approach their upcoming interviews. There is a short period of time to tell their unique stories and to elicit key stories and experiences from the person in front of them.

Hear from Jason Levin (MBA’06), career and outplacement coach at Ready, Set, Launch, LLC® as he outlines interviewing best practices and answers these questions:

• How should you ask for and properly use an informational interview with a potential employer?
• What should you really do to prepare for an interview?
• How do you correctly balance both answering and asking questions during an interview?
• What are the nuances of a phone screen or skype interview?
• How can I channel my “inner Oprah” to stand out with my interviewer?

Jason will also be giving away two free mock interviews. To be eligible, answer the following questions by June 9, 5pm EST:

• What is your biggest concern/fear about interviewing?
• What was your worst interview experience?
• What is the one thing you would hope to take away from this webinar?

Email answers to Jason,, along with your graduation year and school. If selected, you will receive a one-hour mock interview over the phone or via Skype, complete with feedback and suggestions for improvement.  You can select the company, industry and positions.

Jason Levin founded Ready, Set, Launch, LLC® after a career in brand management at Unilever, consulting at Accenture and employer branding at  He helps his clients land that next job, get a promotion, make a career change or transition into retirement.  Jason also enjoys speaking on and moderating panels and presenting webinars and career development seminars.

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