Invaluable Tips for Surviving the Dissertation-Writing Process (and Other Academic Research Papers)

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Online webinar
Tuesday, September 13, 2011, 12:30 – 1:30pm

As many as 50% of doctoral students do not finish their dissertations. Hear from well-established dissertation editor and author of Confessions of a Dissertation Editor: Practical Guidance and Real-Life Stories, Kathleen Kline (C’80), as she shares her unique perspective on the many challenges involved in the dissertation-writing process. As Kathleen writes in her book, “Life gets in the way…. I sometimes wondered why my clients have decided to wait to get married or divorced, have a child, or make plans to expatriate until they are about to begin writing their dissertations.” Kathleen’s informal speaking style and dynamic storytelling skills will provide participants with specific examples on how to successfully navigate and get through the dissertation-writing process. Kathleen’s counsel is both practical (e.g., cracking the mystery of correct comma usage) and more general (e.g., the wrong dissertation committee can ensure an ABD). Participants will leave this webinar with a better appreciation of what is involved in the dissertation-writing process and also learn the value and importance of the various steps and components involved. Kathleen will also cover the resources available and the tools that those writing their dissertations will need to succeed.

Over a 25+-year career as an academic editor, Kathleen Kline has worked on hundreds of dissertations and other academic manuscripts for graduate students throughout the United States. In addition to a BA from Georgetown University, she holds a Diplôme Supérieur from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. She lives in Oakland, California, with her husband of 30 years and her two children. When not working or recovering from working, Kathleen sustains her love of life with her swim team and competes in open water swims and local swim meets.

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