Leadership Blocks: Getting Out of Your Own Way!

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Want to lead your life? Start by getting out of your own way!

In the world of “leadership development,” we often talk about building skills, creating experiences, and looking for growth opportunities. While these are all fundamental for making the shift from living your life to actually leading your life, there’s a bit of a problem. These actions are all secondary to the real work, which begins by looking inwards to discover where you are standing in your own way. This takes courage and vulnerability – but without actually excavating to the root of the problem, transformation is impossible. This talk will explore the undeniable power of your thoughts, energy, and mindset. You will understand why we can’t change even when we want to so badly – until now. A combination of inspiration, “tough love”, and tactical tools to break through your fears, help you look inside, and finally recalibrate exactly what is standing in your way!

Valia Glytsis (COL ’02) is a leadership development coach and inspirational speaker based in New York City. Founder of the transformational coaching firm, Redefining Leadership, Valia drives clients and audiences to discover their passion and pursue their purpose – no matter what. Whether speaking to Fortune 500 companies or working with startups to build a brand, Valia’s approach to coaching is grounded in truth, connection, and passion. Recent client highlights include L’Oreal, Digitas, The Economist, and Cornell University. To learn more, visit: www.valiaglytsis.com.

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