Leadership During REALLY Tough Times

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Online Webinar
Thursday, September 12, 2013, 12:25 – 1:25pm

In an effort to better understand leadership in difficult circumstances, Lamar Reinsch, Georgetown University Professor, wrestles with the following question: What constitutes admirable leadership in the midst of a defeat or failure?

Reinsch will begin with a well-documented model of leadership during crises. He will then draw on a variety of historical case studies–military, political, and business–to identify the most critical challenges of leading during really tough times.

Better understandings of the dynamics of losing, and of the challenges of leading while being defeated, provide several strategies for improving performance during challenging times. Those strategies range from individual thinking (e.g., re-framing to reduce the impact of involuntary defeat syndrome), to the make-up of the leadership team (e.g., introducing new members in order to more easily recognize problems), to organization practices (e.g., surrender planning).

Lamar Reinsch is Professor of Management in the McDonough School of Business. He currently serves as Academic Director of Georgetown’s Executive Masters of Leadership degree program.

Audience: Alumni, Parents, Staff, Young Alumni
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