Peace is Sexy: Tools for Finding Balance Professionally, Financially and Personally

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Many people I meet experience dissatisfaction with their work-life balance, financial situation, relationships and/or job. Despite their education, professional status, and their appearance of “having it all,” professional and personal transitions as well as global problems around them are huge stressors. Though there is little time, many search for balance, harmony and peace within themselves, with their colleagues, family and friends and even with the world at large.

If you are one of these people, join this webinar to embark on your path to peace. Not a boring, woo-woo kind of peace, but an empowered and dynamic peace which effectively deals with conflicts from the inner to the international.

Marianne Perez de Fransius (F'02) will share a powerful tools to help you:

– Transform your thinking about the trade-offs you have to make
– Find win-win solutions in personal and professional contexts
– See conflict as an opportunity, rather than something to be avoided
You’re welcome to bring up specific examples from your own life that we can work through together. You’ll also find out about a new in-depth program to integrate and master these skills.

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About the Presenter:

Marianne was at Georgetown on 9/11, having just gotten back from studying and traveling in the Middle East. Seeing her classmates, professors and the world in crisis, Marianne decided to get a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies at the European Peace University. But she soon found out that while theoretically everyone wants peace, the word “peace” is almost radioactive. So she founded Peace Is Sexy ( with a mission to redefine peace as sexy, possible, profitable and fun. Marianne has offered trainings at the UN, to national lobbying organizations and to ones that work on the conflict in the Middle East. Currently, she’s training Mozambican journalists in conflict analysis and peace journalism.


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