Plan Like a Warrior: Project Management Tips from a Green Beret

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Online Webinar
Thursday, August 13, 2015, 12:30 – 1:30pm

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Project planning seems like a simple process. Figure out what you want to do then sequence your efforts in a logical way, culminating with a finished product on the deliverable date. Easy! At least that is the theory, but in reality theory rarely works. There are too many variables, hard choices, and influencers that live to derail your project at every step.

Project planning is a subject that is rarely taught in college or even grad school. The closest many students come to it is through project management coursework, but even then, the lessons are superficial. There is one institution that has refined the planning process to a pure art form…the US Military.

John Klapperich (MBA’14) spent almost 3 decades in the US Army’s elite Special Forces – the Green Berets. During his time he not only taught military planning to Special Forces trainees, he also designed lesson plans that became doctrine in the Special Operations Command. This webinar will cover topics including:

• Getting Organized
• Preparing to Plan
• Leading a planning team
• Understanding your operating environment
• Making tough choices
• Integrating risk into decision making
• Developing contingency plans
• Course of Action development

Mr. Klapperich is a management consultant with FourWinds Limited, focused on corporate strategy and change management. He uses his extensive military background almost daily to walk his clients through the difficult process of implementing strategic initiatives. Mr. Klapperich has recently started his own company, Sextant Consulting LLC, which provides transition assistance and financial planning to military service members.

Prior to retiring from Active Duty service in 2014, Mr. Klapperich served as a liaison officer to the Central Intelligence Agency. Over his 27 year career, he has traveled all over the world and is a veteran of combat and special operations in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. He is an avid cooking enthusiast and amateur beekeeper!

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