Secrets to Driving a Successful Global Branding Campaign

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Online Webinar
Wednesday, February 4, 2015, 12:30 – 1:30pm

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Whether you work in the nonprofit, business-to-business, or business-to-consumer arena, branding matters. A strong, memorable brand holds tremendous power to influence the choices of customers, members, employees, investors, government authorities, and other critical stakeholders, and can be an essential asset for any organization, large or small. In fact, the American Marketing Association reports that across a variety of sectors, the #1 and #2 brands regularly generate 300-700% higher profits than their peers.

But how exactly do you go about creating a strong brand in the first place – or refreshing a brand that’s seen better days? Especially when your organization’s spread across numerous cultural and national boundaries, and millions of dollars are at stake?

To find out, join the webinar, “Secrets to Driving a Successful Global Branding Campaign.” In this unique behind-the-scenes case study, Sarah Saunders (MBA’95) of Power2Persuade will share specific, actionable insights into how she planned and led the effort to develop a new brand name and tagline for a major international marine research nonprofit, engaging over 150 stakeholders worldwide, and inspiring funders (including the US National Science Foundation) to recommit and reinvest – to the tune of over $350 million.

You’ll learn:
1. 7 key success factors to creating or refreshing your brand
2. Secrets to building buy-in from diverse stakeholders
3. How to mobilize input from participants around the world

About the Presenter:
Through content marketing, brand storytelling, and persuasive communications, Sarah Saunders helps clients create an irresistible spark in the marketplace – driving increased awareness and deeper connections with prospects, customers, members, and other key stakeholders, and leading to real, quantifiable results. During a 20+ year career, she’s worked with major nonprofits, multi-billion dollar enterprises, and entrepreneurial startups, holding positions in communications, consulting, business development, sales, and strategic marketing.

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