Start up Law 101: Keys to Success & Avoiding Legal Mistakes That Can Kill Your Company

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Lots of legal steps need to be done right to start a company.  What do you need to do and not do? Simple mistakes can kill your company before it even gets going. 

Dave Muchow, Principal at David J. Muchow (F’66, L’71), PLC, has over 20 years of startup company and corporate law experience.  He’s General Counsel, Board member, advisor and investor to many start ups and major companies and non-profits, and a tech CEO and entrepreneur.  Muchow will give you an insider’s look on how to avoid legal problems and position your company for success. 
• What legal and other things do you need to know and do (and never do)?
• What do lawyers cost and how can I reduce legal fees?
• What are the first steps?
• This webinar will address such questions as:
• My father just gave me $5,000 for a startup.  Do I really have to file with the SEC?
• How can I protect my intellectual property but still tell people about the product?
• What legal documents do I need to file?
• What can I do myself and when do I really need a lawyer?

Dave Muchow, Principal at Muchowlaw, is a corporate lawyer, investor, and start up expert who helps companies grow from startup to exit strategy.  He serves as an advisor to investors, entrepreneurs, and innovation campuses.  He has over 20 years of experience in corporate law, M&A, business plans and raising capital, finance, non-profits, litigation, government contracting, lobbying, and international transactions.

Dave is a serial entrepreneur and CEO, was founder and CEO of SkyBuilt Power (first solar/wind plug-and-play prepackaged systems) and is counsel to and on the boards of tech and other companies, international trade associations, and foundations.  Formerly, he was a mutual fund VP, and with OMB, NSC, Special Asst. to the Asst.  Atty. General, Dept. of Justice, and worked on Capitol Hill. He is an A/V rated attorney, Of Counsel to Mogel & Sweet, and Co-editor of Energy Law and Transactions (7 vols., LexisNexis) and holds numerous patents.

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