Strategies for the Extended Job Search

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Online webinar
Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 12 – 1pm

If you’ve been searching for a job for over a year, you’re not alone. The percentage of unemployed for over 99 weeks rose in March 2011 to 13.5% from 7.5% a year ago. Of the 13.9 million people out of work, 6.2 million have been unemployed for nearly two years. The jobs added to the economy are primarily jobs that pay $20/hour or less. If you’re an executive or professional, these statistics and your own experience are demoralizing. But you can’t let this stop you from looking for work. What can you do to re-energize yourself and ensure you’ve got the most competitive and compelling proposition? How can you best use your time? How can you measure progress in the absence of an offer? Hear from Marianne Ruggiero President, Optima Careers, as she shares her top strategies to help you get back into the game. A Q&A component will be included.

Marianne Ruggiero founded Optima Careers ( after 25 years as a senior human-resources executive in New York City and abroad. Her experience covers a range of industries and types of firms, from small entrepreneurial companies to global corporations, from financial services to professional services to fashion, including prominent companies such as American Express, Citigroup, and J. Crew. Well-versed in nurturing promising talent, Marianne has created staffing, development and coaching programs and accelerated the growth of numerous management teams. She drew on her background to develop the exclusive process she uses with clients today, helping them generate and articulate information about their values, personality and work style to be used in shaping career strategies and planning life goals. Marianne has contributed to the Harvard Business Review, has appeared on CNN Money and regularly addresses business and education groups. She is a member of the Association of Career Professionals International (ACPI) and has an MBA in Organizational Development from Pace University.

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