Strategies of Marketing Genius: Gain More Customers and Convert More Sales

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Could you use a sprinkling of marketing genius in your life? What if you could crawl inside the minds of the top marketers and see exactly what they do to hit it out of the park, time and time again? Taryn Voget, co-founder of the Everyday Genius Institute, will share with you the real-life strategies used by top marketers to achieve 60%+ direct mail response rates, 50%+ sales close rates, and have CBS announcers mentioning their company 50+ times in a week. She'll share how one company filled a $12M sales pipeline in just 2 weeks with a $24K budget! Using a cutting-edge, behavioral science approach, Taryn will unpack how these top marketers think and what they do to be among the best in the world. She’ll show you what it takes, step by step, to achieve results far beyond what most people in sales and marketing expect. And these aren't just strategies for marketing – they are strategies of genius for anyone in business. You'll leave motivated to put these simple patterns of genius into practice in your own company and increase your sales 10x. You can download a copy of this research report at…

Taryn Voget (B'97) is an entrepreneur, business adviser, speaker and author of 6 books on genius. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Everyday Genius Institute, an education company that deconstructs how geniuses think, and then teaches their strategies to people who want to shave years off their learning curve on topics ranging from wine tasting to marketing to parenting. She is an expert in Genius and High Performance thinking. She spent 13 years as a strategy and operations consultant for the top companies in the world. Through her years of working with dozens of business and thousands of people, she’s developed the unwavering belief that genius is always in the simplicity. Taryn attended Georgetown University and Oxford University. She holds a degree in Business Finance and Management. You Can read her blog at

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