Successful Negotiating for Successful Women

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Online webinar
Tuesday, February 15, 2011, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Negotiating with success is important for all aspects of life. Successful negotiating can get you the right salary, promotion or business deal. It is also vital in buying and selling a house or working on a local community group. Women have been historically treated differently in negotiations and understanding these differences will help you best reach your goals. This class explores the differences in negotiating style and perceptions for women. It also highlights key tactics and skills for successful negotiations.

We will discuss: how to work with and around the traits usually attributed to women, how to prepare for an agreement to ensure that you are in control of any negotiation, and how to recognize and avoid the most common pitfalls in negotiations

Anne Jones is the Founder and President of Piton Inc, an organization that provides career support to individuals and workforce counselors around the country. She has been a strong supporter of Georgetown University and has served as Assistant Dean and Director of MBA Career Management and was Director of Alumni for the McDonough School of Business.

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