The 7 Essential Marketing Concepts Every Business Leader Must Know

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, September 17, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

The definition of marketing varies so widely that few fully understand what marketing is, let alone how to effectively apply real marketing principles to accelerate the success of their business. 

Marketing is a process that creates a set of conditions that leads to a sale and builds relationships that engender loyalty. There are 7 fundamentals every business leader must know in order to make marketing a key driver of their success.  Join this Webinar to learn:

• What the value equation is and how to apply it to your organization
• The six filters of audience segmentation and why they matter
• Where positioning occurs and how to do it
• How to provide real clarity on your USP
• What branding is and isn't
• The 5 elements of communication
• What the 4 media platforms are and how they work together

This fast-paced, focused and no-nonsense session will be a smart pill for anyone wanting a quick refresher or high-level introduction to the most important marketing principles necessary to win in today's hyper-crowded, micro-fragmented and noisy marketplace.

Don Neal is an adjunct Professor at Georgetown University in Public Relations & Corporate Communications.  He is the Founder and CEO of 360 Live Media, a Washington, D.C.-based marketing communications firm specializing in live media. 360 Live Media works with leading professional societies, trade associations and Fortune 500 brands to align business strategy, reputation and key operating objectives with an organization’s most powerful asset – live, face-to-face interactions.

Don is the former CEO of Focalpoint Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer of Marsh McLennan, President of Echelon Marketing, and SVP of the world’s largest direct and interactive marketing agency, Rapp Collins Worldwide. Along with teaching at GU, he serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Catalogue for Philanthropy, a Washington, D.C.-based organization focused on building capacity and sustainable growth for small, local non-profits.

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