The ABCs of Ethical Leadership

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Online webinar
Thursday, October 6, 2011, 12:30 – 1:30pm

The ABCs of Ethical Leadership teaches leaders at all levels how to transform their organizations through their personal behavior. The ABCs are authenticity, buoyancy and conviction. Simple stuff—be yourself, raise people up. be uncompromising about ethics: not the ethics of traditional ethics training—not admonitions against bribery, theft, conflict of interest, or misuse of the organization’s assets—but the ethical principles that we all have known since childhood, starting with keeping your word and following the Golden Rule. Key takeaways are how to: (1) spread enthusiasm through the organization; (2) enhance an organization’s ethical sensitivity without insulting people; and (3) recognize ethical traps and resolve ethical dilemmas.

Bob Stone is an internationally known author and speaker on ethical leadership and on leading change. Bob’s seminar, The ABCs of Ethical Leadership, has been a hit with state legislators, city managers, non-profits, and business. It is unlike any other mandatory ethics training: no talk about bribery, fraud, or conflict of interest. He covers what it means to lead ethically, and how that differs from merely behaving legally or in compliance with the rules. Bob starts with the basics: keep your word and follow the Golden Rule. He finishes with three essential skills for living and leading. These skills are easy to describe, not so easy to live, but living them will sharpen your ethical sensitivity and make it easier to keep strong and to follow your good intentions. Bob teaches business ethics at the University of Redlands, and serves on the Governing Council of the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership at California State University, Long Beach. He served for twelve years as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Installations, where he radically decentralized authority, cut regulations, made excellence the new standard, and occasionally got into hot water. He then spent six years at the White House leading Al Gore’s effort to reinvent government.

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