The Five Patterns of Genius: How to Unleash Your Own Genius Today

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Online webinar
Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Do you ever wonder how geniuses think? Is genius born or made? Tune in as Taryn Voget (B’97) shares her fascinating research on Genius. Her company, the Everyday Genius Institute, deconstructs how geniuses think. Through her research she has discovered that there are five common traits of genius. She will share these traits with you and show you how to implement them into your life so that you can significantly up your own game. Taryn is a dynamic speaker and will delight you with stories about the geniuses she has worked with on topics such as wine tasting, sales, parenting and marketing. This is one topic you will want to be sure and attend! Learn more about the Everyday Genius Institute website at And visit Taryn's "Strategies of Genius Blog" at

Taryn is an entrepreneur, business adviser, speaker, author and adventuresse. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Everyday Genius Institute, an education company that teaches people the strategies of genius on a wide array of topics. Within months of launching the Everyday Genius Institute, Taryn secured major distribution for her company's products with several national box store retailers. Taryn began her career with Accenture and for 13 years thrived as a high-end management consultant, helping the best companies in the world define, streamline and improve their business processes. She has worked with companies such as Disney, Gap, Genentech and the US Postal Service. At age 29 she started her own successful management consulting firm and amassed a client roster of Fortune 100 and start-up companies. Taryn has an uncanny knack for unpacking complex processes and streamlining them. Through her years working with dozens of business and thousands of people, she has developed the unwavering belief that genius is always in the simplicity. Her inspiration for the Everyday Genius Institute was ignited by her desire to reveal strategies of genius and make them accessible to everyone.

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