The New Big Data: Human-Centered Analytics

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Online Webinar
Tuesday, August 18, 2015, 12:30 – 1:30pm

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Human-Centered Analytics is poised to revolutionize everyday life. Veebit is a research & analytics firm that employs psychometric modeling to deliver a new layer of relationship intelligence to individuals, communities and organizational leaders.

Big Data’s ability to gather and analyze data provides revolutionary new insights into what individuals are doing yet its greatest strength is also its limiting factor: the optics for Big Data is limited to the residual observed data generated. Put simply, Big Data provides powerful observational and probabilistic answers regarding what people do, but cannot reveal the why behind those behaviors. Even while profitably using Big Data solutions to optimize their businesses, savvy leaders are already wrestling with this limitation.

During this webinar you will learn more about the emerging field of Human-Centered Analytics, the potential it holds for business and civic leaders, and opportunities for embracing your own personal value priorities in a world drowning in data.

Specifically, the presenters will discuss:

•The construct Veebit has created for better understanding decisionmaking along value lines, including the broad applicability of these insights across industries, from corporate brands to political and non-profit campaigns.
•A crash course in psychometrics, discuss common examples of how it is currently applied and, through the presentation of a case study, discuss its promise to better inform stakeholder engagement.
•Background on the Millennial Leadership Initiative, a public research project through which Veebit has partnered with organizations on to better understand community-based values.

About the Presenters:
Terri Persico is the Founder & CEO of Veebit and is a veteran of the financial services industry.

Kyung (Chris) T. Han, PhD is the Director of the Veebit Research Committee and a Director at the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

Sarah Vazquez (C'13) is the Project Manager for the Veebit Millennial Leadership Initiative.

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