Time Management for Misfits & Dreamers

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Online webinar
Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30pm

Traditional Time Management is usually presented in terms of tools and techniques. Use a specific software application, or handle your paper inbox in a prescribed way, and you will get more done. This works for a certain subset of people who are handling very concrete and linear tasks, but for those of us who are knowledge workers, whose work is by definition creative or non-linear, these tools often break down. In fact, many brilliant people seem to be allergic to any form of time management at all, and find that their brilliance is lost in the chaos of missed deadlines and misplaced papers. They may feel like a "lost cause," but the truth is that no one has helped them to create an approach that values their creativity. In this webinar, knowledge workers and creatives will learn how to take charge of their time so that they can have more time to do what they love and realize more of their dreams.

David Kaiser (B’90), PhD, is an Executive and Relationship Coach who helps his clients to measurably improve their lives and careers from good to great to Extraordinary. This includes creating alignment with mission and values, increasing productivity, managing conflict properly, and overcoming counterproductive habits and obstacles.

David has been facilitating transformational growth since 2004, and has worked with over 250 leaders and professionals. His clients are dynamic entrepreneurs and consultants in the digital and software space. Although David holds a PhD from the University of Chicago, he is first and foremost a Hoya, having earned his BS in Finance and International Management at Georgetown University.

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