Diplomatic Network Connects Georgetown Alumni

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November 29, 2010 –Georgetown alumni who work for the U.S. Department of State or the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have joined forces through the university’s Hoya Diplomatic Network.

Recently founded by alumni at State and USAID posts in Washington, D.C., the network already has grown to include more than 700 graduates. While many are alumni of the School of Foreign Service, the network is open to all graduates of the university.

Advising Students

“The Hoya Diplomatic Network is a way for Hoyas working in the Department of State and USAID to lend their support and advice to students who are now following in their footsteps as they prepare for careers in diplomacy,” said SFS Dean Carol Lancaster.

The network’s first campus-based event this past September brought together more than 100 current students and 30 mentors for small-group discussions on topics ranging from combating terrorism and reversing climate change to advancing human rights.

At any given time, half of the network members are out of the country. The experience of working in diplomacy and the desire to help students is what ties the Georgetown graduates together.

Mentor and Support

“The most important thing, when you’re very proud of an institution, is to find others – younger employees – to mentor and support,” said Patrick F. Kennedy (F’73), under secretary for management at the State Department.

The group also includes Melanne Verveer (I’66, G’69), U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, who spoke to network members and students in a foreign exchange group at the network’s opening reception in July.

President John J. DeGioia also spoke at the reception.

“Each of you here contributes, through your professional lives, in profound ways, to our university’s tradition of engagement with our nation and the world,” he said. “This legacy of public service has been evidenced in many ways over the course of our university’s history … and always in anticipation of the complex challenges facing our communities.”

To learn more about the Hoya Diplomatic Network or become a member, visit the network’s website.

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