Turkish Minister Talks at GU on Global Order

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Turkey hopes to help stabilize global order and invite more foreign investment to transform itself into a center of economic influence, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told a Georgetown audience Nov. 29.

“We will not wait until the crisis emerges,” he said. “We will try to prevent a crisis before it emerges. … In order to complete our restoration inside, we need restoration around us.”

Diplomacy and Peace

Davutoğlu called Turkish foreign policy “proactive peace diplomacy” and said the country is working to respond to the challenges in its surrounding regions.

“Our objective is clear,” Davutoğlu said. “We want to have a strong, comprehensive restoration at home. We want to have regional orders and restorations around Turkey, and we want to help restoration in global politics, global economics and global culture.”

U.S.-Turkey Relations

The foreign minister says it is important that Turkey work with other countries such as the United States to foster global diplomacy and peace, because it will strengthen Turkey’s own development.

Turkey is in a unique position, he explained, because it is creating good relationships with its neighbors while trying to attain membership in the European Union.

Global Order

“We are facing serious challenges in political, economic and cultural global order,” he said. “There is a need for a new inclusive global order. … And in that inclusive global order, we need to solve the regional issues and problems.”

School of Foreign Service Dean Carol Lancaster called the speech “enlightening and inspirational.”

Provost James O’Donnell introduced the foreign minister.

“The role and place of Turkey … has been central to Western and Eastern civilizations for 3,000 years,” he said. “The future history of its importance is no less interesting than its past.”

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