04/05/12 The History of Wine with Robert Wagner

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HUGE KUDOS to Astra Michels for connecting our club with Annette Whiteside, President of the World Affairs Council of Las Vegas, and pulling together this joint Georgetown / World Affairs Club event with the distinguished Robert Wagner.

The History of Wine and its Global Impact:

Robert Wagner, a distinguished wine broker, publlic servant , and a widely-recognized wine connoisseur, has studied wines for 60 years. He has traveled to every state in the nation and been to every continent as a wine globetrotter. The” Versace of vino” shared his knowledge on both land and sea from the White House to the decks of the Queen Elizabeth II and introduced the famous “grapes of the world” to Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Bill Clinton. Mr Wagner will be sharing his colorful presentation: “The history of Wine is the History of Political Science” with us on Thursday April 5th at Maggiano’s.  A former senior senator of the California State Legislature and delegate to the White House Conference on Aging, Robert has a high respect for education. He funded six scholarships at Georgetown University and raised more than $5 million to refurbish the alumni house there named after him and his wife.  He is a 2003 winner of the John Carroll Award, the Georgetown alumni association’s highest honor. Wagner’s wine cellar includes a valuable 1970 Mouton Rothschild and a commemorative cabernet sauvignon from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, where he attended college.

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